Save up
to 30%

with zero investment


Clean energy

Up to 30% savings


No paperwork

How Does It Work?

The energy is produced in mini-plants assembled together with the investors of Império Solar.

The energy is sent to the transmission lines of the local and national distributors.

You associate yourself to a mini plant through Império Solar.

You get the discount on your monthly energy bill*.

Some of the clients

"Through Império Solar, we are able to help the planet and improve the profitability of our business with zero paperwork and no investment. Império Solar arrived in Brazil, with all Luz Consultancy’s expertise. Their service will be as disruptive in the energy market as Uber was for transportation."

Danilo Affonso

"Império Solar is a company of extreme confidence and great professionals. They have built a business model that will help companies and the planet. We will use the savings from the first year to revitalize our industrial plant, seeking to expand our exports."

Rodrigo Hazin
Norte Pesca S/A

"In such a competitive market and with such a cloudy economic scenario, to generate an important cost saving for our operation will be very important for the result of our company. Império Solar presented a business model that fit like a glove in our business."

Natália Teixeira
Instituto Brasil

You And The Environment

consume renewable energy and help the environment.

100% clean energy.

sustainable energy production without depleting the planet’s resources.