We are ultra-specialized in attracting companies interested in renting solar energy and investors for the construction of mini renewable energy generation plants.

Our goal is to enable clean and renewable energy projects through 3 service delivery models:

distributed generation

free market


Distributed Generation

A model in which a solar energy production park produces the energy and shares the energy produced through its PPAs in the form of a rental. In this format of service provision, Império Solar enables a saving of up to 30% in the energy of its customers, at ZERO cost. Based on a calculation that is defined based on variables such as total energy consumption; contract term; tariff charged by the utility, the savings can reach up to 30%.

In practice, the customer will rent the system according to their need, so at the end of the month they will receive a bill of exchange with their discount of up to 30%, for the production that their rented system generated, it will represent 100% of their current consumption, but also receive their current account but with its consumption zero, annual average.


A free energy market is an energy trading environment where "free" consumers can buy from alternative sources, instead of a local utility and can guarantee significant savings.

Império Solar also acts as an energy sales broker in this model. The energy production of the park represented by Império, instead of being made available to COSERN, is launched in the energy network of CHESF - Companhia Hidroelétrica do São Francisco, being able to meet the demand from all over Brazil.


In self-production, the system will be free of charge for the client, as well as having an excellent discount on the energy bill, not to mention the benefits of clean energy, but the solar plant needs to be above 2 megawatts and the client needs to have the physical space (roof or land) the same needs to provide the appropriate structure in the case of roof, so the client will be more benefited, adding value to your company and at the end of the contract the plant will be 100% free.

Values And Culture Of Império Solar

Império Solar Value Proposal


We enable savings in the energy bill with ZERO investment for Brazilian companies via rental of solar energy system.


We are the largest collector of PPAs for solar energy projects in Brazil regarding Distributed Generation, Self-Production and Free Market.

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